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  • Winning LAB Techniques.

  • Our top priorities are project work and the planning of research facilities for science and technology. We have the expertise for success, from the initial assessment of needs to the preliminary design, final design and detailed plans, from the bidding procedure and construction supervision to carrying out complicated construction projects.

    We speak both languages.
    We are a "multilingual" working team equally conversant in the language of planners and architects as in the language of researchers and laboratory directors. lt is a constellation that delivers flawless project execution, on the highest scientific and technical level.

    Experience not experiment.
    Laboratories may well be working spaces for scientific and technical experiments, but they themselves must never be experimental. They must be built on a solid foundation of experience, the kind of experience we have amassed over the years in the technical planning and designing of laboratories and experimental facilities.

    Everything from a Single Source.
    We coordinate the planning among architects, building installations and contractors. That means when customers have a question or problem there is one central competent partner they know they can turn to for help, someone with the answers. The project remains clear and focused every step of the way, from the assessment of equipment needs and consultation to bidding procedure, project implementation, and putting the facilities into operation.

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